Do you know who is this guy?

BK Ganjoo

He was an engineer who was killed in 1990 on the 22nd of March by his neighbors

Ganjoo was coming home during the curfew relaxation period.He never suspected that he was being followed by the terrorists as he had no reason to be a suspect. When he reached the vicinity of his house, his wife, however, observed that he was being pursued. As Ganjoo entered his house, she quickly bolted and locked the door. But the terrorists were undeterred and crashed through. The pursued man ran up to the third floor of his house and hid himself in a rice bin. The terrorists ransacked the entire house and were ready to leave as they could not locate their victim.

But the fate willed otherwise. Ganjoo’s muslim neighbors, who had seen Ganjoo hide himself in the bin, called the militants back and pointed towards the container. Out they pulled him, pumped him with bullets and left him bleeding on the rice.

While leaving, they shouted, “Let your blood be soaked in the rice and let your children eat it. Ah, what a tasty meal it would be”.

His wife was forced to eat the blood-soaked rice.

His children was forced to eat the blood soaked rice

A woman forced to cook and eat rice mixed with her husband’s blood continuously for 10 days and raped over those 10 days.

Till now such a horrible incident never reached up to the ears of the deaf administration. The family of Ganjoo is still alive and they want strict action but justice hasn’t been served yet.

B K Ganjoo was a REAL person. He had a face, a family. His Muzlims neighbors betrayed him. Vivek Sir has showed that incident in “The Kashmir Files”

If you haven’t watched this, Go and watch.

Gandhi Moplah par chup rahe. Isliye Direct Action hua. Nehru Direct Action par chup rahe. Isliye Partition hua, Sab Partition par chup rahe, Isliye Kashmir hua. You owe it to ur children. Else they will also be caught off guard when their neighbours rat them out to Jihadis.

Meet Mr. Sanjay Tickoo – A Kashmiri pandit. While he was young (1990’s), he found a poster pasted on his door – “Leave the valley or die” – written in Urdu.

He was worried, confused, and of course afraid. He published that poster in a local newspaper asking if he should leave the valley (he did pay to get it published ). The next morning, he witnessed his Muslim neighbors gathering around his home – pleading him not to leave – that they will protect him and his family at any cost. This motivated Tickoo to head KPSS – Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti

The Kashmiri Pandits thought the Indian army would protect them, but instead, the Indian army looked up at them as informers/traitors who work for Islamic extremists. The question they faced from the Indian army was “ While other pandits left, why didn’t you?

“While the Kashmiri Muslims thought that the rest of Muslim world would protect them, they were seen as Kashmiris, the Indians. Whenever Indian army officials were killed – the army would break doors of civilians and beat – doesn’t matter if it’s Kashmiri pundit or Muslim. It was very late that Kashmiri Muslims realized that they failed to protect Pundits on time. (statement from Vikas Bhatt – a Kashmiri, AP at Islamic Univ of Science n Technology)

Suman Bhat, a Ph.D. from Baba Atomic Research Center, a Kashmiri recalls why his father refused to leave Kashmir – “ My Muslim friends have promised to protect me, if I leave Kashmir, I would be breaking their trust “

Poshkaranth Ganju left Baramullah district, Kashmir due to fear during 1990 and returned back in 1996. He left his textile shop locked when he left, While he returned in 1996, his shop was left unattacked, protected by his Muslim friends. Infact Kashmiri Muslims were ready to pay the 1996 cost for the moth-eaten textile stock he left locked in 1990. This was a way to show their welcome to a Kashmiri Hindu who decided to return back to the valley.

Here I am sharing real interview

Reporter- kitne logon ko maara hoga aapne? (How many people would you have killed?)

Bitta Karate(Farooq Ahmed Dar)- 20–25

Reporter- Agar wo aapse kehte ki apne sghe bhai ko maardo, toh? (If he told you to kill your real brother, then?) (He here stands for Pakistani Aaka)

Bitta- Maar dete

Reporter- Aur aapse aapki ma ko maarne k liye kehte toh maardete? (If he told you to kill your mother, then?)

Bitta- Maardete

Search for Bitta Karate release video on youtube and see how he was welcomed when he was released in 2006.

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