tu zakhmi hai webseries
tu zakhmi hai webseries
tu zakhmi hai webseries

Tu Zakhm Hai (MX Serial) Wiki, Bio, Cast, Actress, Episodes, Scenes, Story Etc

  • Release Date: 15 October 2022 (India)
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama, Romance, Web Series
  • Content Maturity: Language, Violence, Sexual Content, Drug Use
  • Director: Noel Smith, Aniruddh Rajderkar


Tu Zakhm Hai (MX Serial) Cast

  • Gashmeer Mahajani
  • Donal Bisht
  • Nehal Chudasama

Tu Zakhm Hai (MX Serial) Story

A few homes could look wonderful outwardly but could be decaying inside with the mysteries they have needed to save for quite a long time. Comparable is the tale of the Trehan of NCR. They are one of the greatest Hawala big shots in the nation and assuming that you look from an external perspective, their family is out and out awesome. One would expect, taking a gander at their riches, that there could nothing be off with this family except for this supposition that is a long way from reality. Viraj Trehan has been taking the business higher than ever, and as is commonly said, ‘it gets desolate at the top, he has figured out how to make a greater number of foes than companions. He realizes that this could set him back a ton, so he keeps connections under control and allows nothing to play with his business or his sentiments. Will he keep carrying on one day to the next life like this? Is there somebody who will turn this around for him?

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