The Revenge (Intikam) Turkish Drama Cast Real Name, Wiki, Data and Story

The Revenge (Intikam) Turkish Drama Cast Real Name and Story

Intikam is a Turkish dramatization named in the Urdu language in 2021. The vengeance is a fascinating dramatization with many turns and interests in the story. We should examine the Urdu Dubbed Turkish show The Revenge Complete cast genuine name and pics. 

Intikam Turkish Drama

The Revenge (Intikam) Turkish Drama Cast Real Name 

Here is the name of complete cast of Urdu Dubbed Turkish show The Revenge: 

  • Seckin Ozdemir (Azlan) 
  • Hande Dogandemir (Laila) 
  • Funda Eryigit (Zainab) 
  • Alican Yucesoy (Sinan) 
  • Hazar Motan (Handay) 
  • Ozgur Cevik (Kareem) 
  • Su Dura (Huriya) 
  • Gozde Duru (Pinar) 
  • Kemal Ucar (Zaki) 
  • Ecem Ozkaya (Aysel) 

The Revenge Turkish Name 

The Turkish name of Urdu named show The Revenge is “Can Kiriklari” and its English name is “Broken Lives”. 

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Show Story 

The account of the Turkish dramatization The Revenge spins around two companions Zainab and Laila. The story begins with the homicide of Pinar at Sinan’s home and Azlan (Seckin Ozdemir) is researching the situation and adds her companion Zainab to the Investigation group. New cop Laila likewise joins the group. 

the vengeance turkish dramatization cast genuine name 

Incidentally, Zainab and Laila were old buddies during their school days. Sinan meets them by some coincidence and afterward experiences passionate feelings for Laila. She likewise adores him and they choose to get hitched. Both get hitched and Zainab doesn’t go to their wedding service since she isn’t supportive of this wedding. 

Just after the wedding, Laila comes to realize that Sinan is now hitched. She chooses to leave him however Sinan gets upset out of frustration and tosses her into a profound waterway. Sinan believes she’s dead. On other hand, Zainab is caught and rapped by Sinan’s companion, his brother by marriage.

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