Teresa Fidalgo Biography – Teresa Fidalgo is an anecdotal job from a Portuguese film whose video has turned into a web sensation in the country. As per the viral story, in 1983 Sentra passed on in an auto crash in Portugal. Afterward, Teresa Fidalgo starts frightening individuals by sending messages on Social Sites. The clasp turned into a web sensation in 2003 in Portugal. Then, at that point, it was uncovered that it was a piece of the thriller. Notwithstanding, many accepted the story to be genuine on the grounds that there was a mishap around there in 1983. Teresa Fidalgo is an anecdotal person from a film (picture source: YouTube channel of India found) 

Teresa Fidalgo Wikipedia, Biography, Age, About 

Teresa Fidalgo Wikipedia – This story is turning into a web sensation wherever via online media. Teresa May passed on in 1983 in Portugal. He was 37 years of age at that point. In this short film, Teresa is a drifter who passes on out and about while being a drifter. It is about a young lady who is dead in a story made by David Rebordo in a short film called A Curve. This short film was delivered in 2003. 

Teresa Fidalgo Biography – Teresa Fidelgo’s Viral Story 

Teresa Fidalgo Bio/Wiki – According to a 2003 clasp that turned into a web sensation, three companions were going through an isolated region in a vehicle late around evening time. They were talking about spirits and phantoms and out of nowhere on one side of that street, an enchanting young lady in a white outfit showed up. They chose to give him a lift and halted the vehicle before the young lady. They asked her why was she here on such an evening. She motioned, at his command she sat in the vehicle. The young men were tattling and out of nowhere, she focuses to a spot and says that a mishap occurred that prompted her demise. As the young men set their appearances to the apparition young lady, her face was plunged in blood and the vehicle slammed.

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