Ever since the time Malaika Arora had announced her show ‘Moving In With Malaika, she has been making news for all the right reasons. Be it the kind of guests who come to the show or the kind of causal conversation that she has with them, this show is definitely winning hearts.

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The latest promo of ‘Moving In With Malaika’ is definitely a winner! The promo has Malaika hosting a stand-up show and is totally in her elements and like never before! She starts off welcoming everyone by saying, “Welcome to my stand-up comedy extravaganza. People are obsessed with my age. Not because I am old… But it is because I look like this while ageing. Jalkukdi log (jealous people). Let’s address the D-word- divorce. I have moved on, my ex has moved on, when will all of you move on!”

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She points out to her sister Amrita Arora, who is sitting in the ‘audience’ and says, “My sister is in the house. She is the funny one. I am the pretty one. She has the rich husband. And I … am doing stand-up. A lot of people ask me, “How were you so comfortable dancing on that train?” That’s because this girl (pointing at herself) is a Thane girl”. She then screams, “CENTRAL LINE…. CENTRAL LINE”.

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She continues, “I can still learn and do stand-up. But, I don’t think any stand-up is getting on top of a train anytime soon. So… give it up for me!” Besides her sister Amrita Arora, there were also Neha Dhupia, Sumukhi Suresh, Sophie Choudry who were a part of the jampacked audience. 

Speaking of Neha Dhupia, she was one of the guests on Malaika’s show. While talking to Neha, Malaika Arora expressed her concern about doing a stand-up comedy act. Sharing her own experience about trying her had at stand- up, Dhupia said, “I have done a little bit of stand up and it was one of the hardest things. But I did make an auditorium full of people laugh because 90&#37 if the jokes were on me. Are you willing to do that?”










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