Lawrence Bishnoi, Gangster: Bio, Wiki, Family, Girlfriend, and Age

  • Real Name: Lawrence Bishnoi
  • Nick Name: Lodu Don
  • Date of Birth: 1992
  • Age: 26 Years
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Caste: Bishnoi
  • Leader: SOPU
  • Girlfriend: Mostly Prostitutes
  • Birth Place: Abohar
  • Net Worth: 25 Lacs
  • Mother: Homemaker
  • Educational Qualification: Graduate from DAV College, Sector 10, Chandigarh

Lawrence Bishnoi is one of the deadliest gangsters of Western India in contemporary times. The elimination of Anandpal Singh and the gradual decline of Neeraj Bawana has given him a wide open field. He is lodged in jail, but operating his gang without any fear. This gangster is active in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Chandigarh. Needless to say, he is also hired in New Delhi for committing gruesome crimes.

Lawrence Bishnoi Gangster: Bio, Wiki, Family, Girlfriend, and Age

Lawrence is basically from Chandigarh. He started in public life as a student leader of SOPU. He was leading a group of strayed students in his college –
DAV College, Chandigarh. He even fought unsuccessfully in a student election. Starting from this college as a student leader

soon rose to become a dreaded gangster. He developed close links with many Bishnoi community leaders and criminals from Haryana and Rajasthan.

Lawrence Bishnoi Gangster – Siddhu Moosewala Case

Punjab Police on Sunday said Lawrence Bishnoi’s group and Canada-based criminal Goldy Brar have guaranteed liability regarding the homicide.
No senior jail official needed to remark on the quests. A mid-level official, who asked not to be named, said the pursuits were led in Bishnoi’s high-risk cell inside prison 8. “The pursuit group discovered a few precluded things.”
Jail authorities said the Punjab Police were probably going to visit Tihar and take Bishnoi’s care. The jail division was at this point to get any hint from Punjab. How Bishnoi was in contact with Brar and arranging hits from inside the prison will be tested.
Bishnoi, one of the top hoodlums of North India, faces murder, burglary, and coercion cases in Delhi, Rajasthan, and Punjab. His nearby partner Sampat Nehra was captured in 2018 for plotting to kill entertainer Salman Khan. Delhi-based criminal Kala Jathedi is likewise one of Bishnoi’s nearby partners. Jathedi was the most needed man in Delhi until his capture the year before.

Lawrence had recently threatened Salman Khan to kill him if he ever comes to Jodhpur. Such is the terror of Lawrence that Salman Khan was provided added security when he was in Jodhpur. Even the high level of security was maintained while the superstar was in jail. And, if you think that this threat was just a publicity stunt by Lawrence, then think twice. One of his accomplices has recently been arrested by Special Cell in Hyderabad. His name is Sampat Nehra. Lawrence had asked him to kill Salman. Sampat had done a recce of Galaxy apartment as well as Salman Khan’s scheduled staying place in Hyderabad. He was all set to fire at Salman. Sampat Nehra with police team Following is the brief biography and wiki of Lawrence Bishnoi:

Father: His father was a constable with Punjab Police. He is now retired and working as an agriculturist in Ferozpur. He has severed all links with Lawrence, at least in the eye of the public.

Awards and Recognition:

Net Asset: As per one estimate, Lawrence has made more than Rs. 10 Crores through his ‘supari business’. Yes, the crime has become a business for him and he can go to any extent to make money. He is also known as one gangster who never spits the name of the person who gave supari to him.

Relationship Status:

Lawrence has been known for keeping beautiful girls beside him. He has been in a relationship with many girls and it is really impossible to attribute any of them as his girlfriend. His main aim of getting into any relationship is to make physical contact.

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