Aditi Singh has been an IAS officer in Uttar Pradesh since 2009. Currently he is Ballias DM, who is touted as one of UP’s most effective employees in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Your stay at Hapur was amazing.

Aditi Singh IAS: Bio, Wiki, Husband, Relation, Pics and Family

Biography / Wiki

Aditi Singh was born and raised in Basti, UP. He has dreamed of becoming an IAS officer since school. He belongs to a rich family. In fact, his mother gave him a Mercedes when he was a student. He still drives a Mercedes and many wonder why an IAS employee would buy a high-end passenger car.

Aditi Singh IAS: Bio, Wiki, Husband, Relation, Pics and Family
Aditi Singh IAS: Bio, Wiki, Husband, Relation, Pics and Family

Aditi Singh IAS Career

In the course of a career of more than a decade, Aditi Singh can be said to be a little lucky. It is DM for maximum duration. He even became a Pilibhits DM in 2013. Then he was in Raebareli, Sultanpur, Unnao and Hapur as a DM. He has been a collector for 8 years.

In April 2018 he took over the DM position at Hapur, to be transferred in February 2021 – an unusually long duration.

Aditi Singh IAS Private profile

  • Birthdate: August 16, 1983
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Father: D.P. Singh, retired IAS employee and former chairman of NIFT
  • Mother:
  • Place of birth: Basti, UP
  • Hindu religion
  • Caste: Rajput

School qualifications:

B.A. and a Masters degree in Political Science from the University of Delhi

M.Phil. in Political Science from Delhi University

Family and Relationships:

Married to Abhishek Prakash, IAS

Brothers and sisters:


Interesting and lesser-known facts:

Aditi Singh is married to Abhishek Prakash, who is also an IAS employee. The couple married before Aditi became an IAS official.

India Aditi Singh’s overall rating on the UPSC Official Exam is 12. Note that she broke the UPSC CSE on the third attempt.

Aditi Singh’s father, Mr. Dhananjay Pratap Singh, recently passed away after a long illness. Aditi lights firewood and does all rituals as a son.

The CBI recommended that he, along with two IPS employees, continue negligently in fulfilling their duties in the scandalous Unnao rape case, in which a powerful BJP politician, Kuldeep Sengar, was implicated. The victim has written many letters to Aditi and he is ignoring them.

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